Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation

LHF Scholarship Renewal Application

The Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation can fund up to four scholarships per semester at $500 each to assist with school related expenses. LHF scholarships are only awarded to people with a bleeding disorder that are Louisiana residents and attending any type of college, vocational, or trade school.



Deadline to Apply

Deadline to schedule your service hours

Deadline to work your service hours

Spring Semester

December 20th

February 15th

May 15th

Fall Semester

June 15th

September 23rd

November 20th


Service Hour Requirements:

  • Each Applicant is required to work eight service hours per semester per semester with the foundation.
  • It’s best to schedule your service hours with us as quickly as possible. We have many different recipients and as the available service hour projects are spoken for you may find that we don’t have a project available for you.
  • It will work better for you, and for us, if we have you on our schedule well in advance of your project day. This allows us the time we need to prepare for you and when you arrive you can begin your project without a delay.
  • LHF will only communicate with the student/recipient about his or her service hour requirements.
  • If you don’t work the service hours, you are not eligible for a renewal.


Documentation Requirements:

  • Completed Application below
  • Grade report from most recent semester (part of application)
  • Copy of student schedule for upcoming semester (part of application)


Name of Applicant

Date of Birth


Home Phone

Cell Phone






School you are registered to attend

Address of School


Expected Graduation Date

If granted, the check should be made payable to and be sent to

Semester you are applying for

The application is not complete until LHF has all the documentation listed below

Grade Report from most recent semester

Copy of student schedule for upcoming semester

Worked service hours on by completing