Louisiana Hemophilia Foundation

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Information Resources

  • Newsletters and medical updates
  • Literature, pamphlets and brochures
  • Free library of books, cassettes, tapes and other resources
  • Directory of state and community services
  • Directory of treatment centers nationwide


PALS (Patient Advocacy Learning & Services)

  • Patient Advocacy Learning and Services (PALS) – a local support group and network for families livings with bleeding disorders and associated complications.
  • Regional education and networking programs
  • Mentor program for parents of newly diagnosed persons with a bleeding disorder


Direct Patient Services

  • Scholarships to help defray the cost of higher education
  • Teen Retreat and Summer Camp for children
  • Medic Alert IDs provided to patients: click here for printable form or click here for online information.
  • Limited financial assistance evaluated on a case-by-case basis
  • Transportation, meals and lodging for HTC visits



  • Community Health Fairs
  • Annual Meeting and educational symposiums
  • Educational seminars


Coordination & Collaboration

  • Coordination of efforts with the State Hemophilia Program, Louisiana Comprehensive Hemophilia Care Center, and other health care agencies to provide unified service and reduce costly overlaps and duplication of services
  • Fundraising for support of local and national research program services and Foundation activities.
  • Recruitment and training of volunteers to participate in education, programming and fundraising.
  • Foundation representation at National Hemophilia
  • Foundation meetings, symposiums, seminars and workshops


If you are looking for a particular service and do not see it listed, please do not hesitate in contacting us directly.